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December, 2020
· Geometric sequences and sums. Infinite geometric series (Algebra)
· Arithmetic sequences and sums (Algebra)
· Factoring rules in algebra (Algebra)
November, 2020
· Finding equation of the line that is parallel to given one (Algebra)
· How to find slope, when two function points is given? (Algebra)
· Finding equation of the line that passes though the two points (Algebra)
· Drawing graph of the exponential function (Algebra)
· Basic laws of calculating exponents (Algebra)
· Drawing graph of the quadratic equation (Algebra)
· Absolute value. Useful properties and graph (Algebra)
· Basic properties of radicals (Algebra)
· Finding equation of the line that is perpendicular to given one (Algebra)
· Write linear function equation, when we have a slope and one point (Algebra)
· Quadratic equations. Vieta's formulas (Algebra)
· Quadratic equations. The discriminant (Algebra)
· Basic properties of logarithms (Algebra)
· Short multiplication formulas [Polynomial identities] (Algebra)
· Sum and differences identities (Trigonometry)
· Product to sum identities (Trigonometry)
· Sum to product identities (Trigonometry)
· Half angle identities (Trigonometry)
· Double angle identities (Trigonometry)
· Pythagorean identities (Trigonometry)
· Quotient identities (Trigonometry)
· Reduction formulas (Trigonometry)
March, 2019
· Exact values of trigonometric functions (Trigonometry)
· Signs of trigonometric functions (Trigonometry)
· Lower and upper quartiles of the data set. Interquartile range (Probability and statistics)
· Mean, mode, median and range of the data set (Probability and statistics)
· Probability of independent events (Probability and statistics)
· Table of basic indefinite functions integrals (Calculus)
· Basic formulas and rules of calculating derivatives (Calculus)
· Removing irrationality from the fractions (Algebra)
· Distance between two points (Geometry)
February, 2019
· Midpoint coordinates of the given line segment (Geometry)