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Terms of use and privacy policy

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome to this portal. Read these rules carefully.
    2. This portal is dedicated for mathematics, but you can also find topics related to physics, chemistry or programming. The portal is for information seekers or those who want to share it.
    3. The portal is for people under the age of 13.
    4. Unregistered users can only view the content, so you need to sign in to write or to rate posts.
    5. The portal is optimized to be perfectly visible on a computer, phone or tablet.
    6. If you have any complaints regarding these rules, please contact us and describe your position.
  2. Rules for writing
    1. Basic writing rules
      1. Be kind to others, even if your opinions do not match. Aggression on the portal is intolerable. Think first, then write.
      2. Any type of advertising on the portal is prohibited.
      3. The publication of offensive, despicable, pornographic, gambling content is strictly prohibited.
      4. Do not repeat the same text many times.
      5. Use a clean and regular language. Do not use capital letters unnecessarily. Do not use swear words.
    2. Writing responses
      1. Write to the topic. Answers must be helpful.
      2. Do not write answers with a few words. The answer must be informative.
      3. The answer must be providing the necessary guidance for the perception.
      4. Do not write complete solution to the problem, leave space for author or other posters solutions!
    3. Creating new topics
      1. Before you create a new topic, use the search. There is little chance that the topic is already being developed with the issue of interest to you.
      2. Select the category that corresponds to your topic.
      3. The post must clearly describe everything and, if necessary, load the required formulas, drawings, diagrams, and links.
      4. The title of the subject should reflect the content of the post, for example, "Finding the perimeter of the triangle".
      5. You will find more rules in the form of a new topic.
    4. Editing posts
      1. You can edit, modify, and correct your own posts. Subject name can not be changed.
      2. The editing function will work 15 minutes from the time the post was written. This limitation is not valid for members with professional status.
  3. Violations of the rules
    1. The administration has the right to change or delete posts that violate portal rules or national laws.
    2. The administration has the right to suspend users who violate the rules. After suspension, the user can no longer write and rate posts.
  4. Copyright
    1. By posting content on this portal, you agree to transfer the copyright to it.
    2. You agree that the content you have written may be commented by other users.
    3. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, reprint the contents of this portal in other media.
  5. Privacy policy
    1. What information do we collect
      1. When you register, you will be asked to provide your email, which will be required if you need password reminder services.
      2. We also save your IP address. It is recorded by signing up, and every time you write messages.
      3. Your IP address is also stored in server logs.
      4. These data are needed for the quality of the portal.
      5. We will never forward this data to third parties without your permission.
    2. Use of cookies
      1. This portal uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are downloaded to a user's device (computer, smartphone, tablet) when it's on the portal.
      2. Cookies are used for user login to a portal, for rating of posts or for user consent with the use of cookies.
      3. Third parties, such as Google Analytics or Google Adsense, can also use cookies.
    3. Children's privacy on the portal
      1. The portal is for children under 13 years of age.
      2. If you are younger, use other websites dedicated to your age.
  6. Disclaimer
    1. The administration of the portal is not responsible for any material and non-material damage that the user may experience through the information contained on the portal.
  7. Final provisions
    1. The administration of the portal reserves the right to change these rules at any time.
    2. The document was last updated on January 1, 2017.