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Frequently asked questions

  1. Common questions
    1. My new topic or post has been deleted, why did it happen?Most likely, the topic or message was written in violation of our strict rules. We do not tolerate illiteracy, laziness and academic dishonesty! Be sure to read the rules and guidelines before you can post on the portal.
    2. Why was my user account suspended?User profiles are usually suspended for violent violations of the rules, as well as repetitive violations, non-responses to the administration's instructions. Our project is dominated by strict rules, which must be observed by everyone!
  2. Member profile data
    1. How to change my email address?To change your current email address, go to your personal profile and click on email link at the top. In the opened form, you can easily change your current email address.
    2. How do I change my login password?The password change feature is only available when logging out. In the sign-up form, select "Forgot your password?" and you will change your current password in accordance with the following instructions.
    3. How to upload my avatar (personalized image)?To change your avatar or to delete uploaded one, go to your personal profile and click on avatar link at the top. In the opened form you will be able to upload and delete your pictures.
    4. How to delete my unused account?If you have decided that you no longer need your account and you would like to delete it, please fill out the contact form with the request to delete the profile. When filling in the form, be sure to include the email with which you registered your current account.
  3. Posting in the portal
    1. How to enter a complex mathematical statement or formula when writing a message?To enter a more serious math note, you can use a special editor. This editor link "upload formula" you can find above the text input field. To write a particularly serious mathematical text, we recommend to use LATEX syntax, the basics of which you can find in this topic.
    2. How do I upload a picture in a message?Only members with a "professional" status can use the upload function in the forum. All other members can use only external services (like free image hostings) and add links to them.
    3. Why i can not find my own written message edit link?The editing function valids 15 minutes from the time the message was written. After this time, this function no longer works and you no longer see the "edit" link. This limitation is not valid for members with professional status.
  4. Do not get the answer to your question? Fill in the contact form or write in the suggestions and comments topic!