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Mathematical symbols (LATEX)


This forum supports [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] language module. It's a tool that help you to figure out any mathematical, physics or chemistry formula.
The following information will briefly inform you about the [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] syntax and its use in the forum.

To enter a mathematical formula, you must write the code among these characters, which you can easily access with TEX button.
[tex]your latex code[/tex]
Exponent [tex]a^{x}[/tex], index [tex]a_{x}[/tex], index with exponent [tex]a_{x}^z[/tex]
[tex]a^{x}[/tex], [tex]a_{x}[/tex], [tex]a_{x}^z[/tex]
Multiplication [tex]3\cdot 2=6[/tex] and division (fraction) [tex]\frac{5+x}{7-x}[/tex]
[tex]3\cdot 2[/tex], [tex]\frac{5}{7}[/tex]
Roots [tex]\sqrt{2x}[/tex], [tex]\sqrt[3]{64}[/tex], [tex]\sqrt[n]{1000}[/tex]
[tex]\sqrt{2x}[/tex], [tex]\sqrt[3]{64}[/tex], [tex]\sqrt[n]{1000}[/tex]
Integrals [tex]\int\limits_{0}^{1}{(x^2+x+1)}dx=(\frac{x^3}{3}+\frac{x^2}{2}+x)|_{0}^1=1\frac{5}{6}[/tex]
Vectors [tex]\vec{a}+\vec{b}=\vec{c}[/tex]
Matrix [tex]\begin{bmatrix} 1&2&3&4 \\ 5&6&7&8 \\ 9&0&1&2 \\ 3&4&5&6 \end{bmatrix}[/tex]
[tex]\begin{bmatrix} 1&2&3&4 \\ 5&6&7&8 \\ 9&0&1&2 \\ 3&4&5&6 \end{bmatrix}[/tex]
System of equations [tex]\begin{cases} x^2+y^2=10 \\ 14x-10y=20 \end{cases}[/tex]
[tex]\begin{cases} x^2+y^2=10 \\ 14x-10y=20 \end{cases}[/tex]
Here are just some of the most commonly used features. More information you can find in the internet.

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